How it works

We’ve created a much more engaging and promising approach to dating online. 


This is how it works:

  • Creating your profile is easy. Select up to 5 of your best photos (i.e. no distant blurry photos of you holding a fish), write a few words about yourself, and get in the game.
    Now comes the good part… Every 24 hours we give you 300 likes. Think of them as your social currency to show interest.
    Drag up or down to give potential matches 0-5 likes based on compatibility. If you and your crush are within each other’s compatibility range, then it’s a match!
    If you don’t use them, you’ll lose them, so make your likes count. Out of likes, out of swipes.
    We only show you users eligible for your level. so you won't be wasting your time endlessly swiping.
    By grouping you with users who received a similar amount of likes, you are more Likely to match!
    Because you get to decide how much you like a potential match, YOU are in control of your matching algorithm.
  • YOU choose what YES means to you- customize your compatibility range.
  • Chat with your new matches and get to know them before you make that first date!

The LikeU App
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